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December 17 2012


rip dvd to android

Once the iPhone came out, people rushed to buy them. They wanted more than the usual phone. They wanted to be among the first to possess the coolest, hippest new product available.

Software companies knew there was a huge new market to be tapped...iPhone owners who desired to utilize all the new features Apple had put in their latest product. As a result, these software companies jumped around the "convert to iPhone" bandwagon.

dvd to android phone

One of the many great features of the Apple iPhone is the capability to watch audio/video in your phone. You can watch movies, YouTube clips, music videos, and the like. But what about watching DVDs? Yup...using the right conversion software you can convert DVDs for an iPhone-compatible format watching your preferred DVD or one you just rented and converted whenever and wherever you would like!

Because DVDs are not equipped within an iPhone-friendly format, you will need to convert them, using your Mac or PC and specialized software. Be aware, though, that while you can get free iPhone conversion software, a lot of it i s not very good. (You DO want the audio and video to match up, don't you?)

You also want to be able to convert clips, not the whole DVD, if that is what you are after, and also have both video and audio be of high quality.

The first step, obviously, is to choose the DVD you need to convert. You can either copy it to your hard disk or just insert it into your DVD drive. Then, using specialized iPhone conversion software, you just import and convert the DVD files, that are in MPEG-2 and VOB file formats into one of the formats that iPhone can enjoy back, such as MP4 and H.264, remembering to transform both the video and audio files, which are in "VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS" folders. You can also use the conversion software to edit the DVD files should you want to import only a portion for your iPhone.

Finally, using the iTunes free software application from Apple, you produce a playlist, then connect your iPhone for your computer using a USB 2.0 connector, and sync the content. Voila! Your DVD is now in your iPhone ready that you should watch without notice.

how do i download music to my kindle fire

Therefore it is late October, and my mind has started to show to plotting out Christmas gifts. My beautiful wife, Jen has been hinting that they wants cool "stuff" for that occasion this season. I mean, who does not want cool stuff? So I thought...what to get?

My wife likes to play computer games. Typically something small like solitaire or one of these gem shooting puzzle games. I have to pry her off her Blackberry at night because she's either handmade cards or attempting to read a magazine from this. It looks like it hurts. So I began to think, maybe a tablet may be the way to go!

Must i acquire one?

Last week, I wrote an article about Mac vs. PC. Here is a quick update before I am going forward. I'm sticking with PC. After I wrote that piece I noticed how expensive it would be to switch to Apple products. I produce music when i have time and the programs I personally use, I've become accustomed to. Buying a Mac right now would change everything and set a serious hole in my pocket. So PC won. Therefore, we won't be talking about everyone's favorite tablet, the iPad. Sorry for that sidebar guys.....

Anyway, I settled on looking at the new Amazon kindle fire from Amazon for some reasons. For people who don't know, Amazon released a new version of their Kindle E-Reader, the Kindle Fire. But it does more than a simple Kindle. Let's consider the reasons why I'm thinking my spouse will be super pleased with me on Christmas morning.

itunes to kindle

Price. The Kindle Fire is priced at 199.00. The iPad starting cost is $499.00. Do I wish to drop half a grand on a tablet that my wife will have games and read books on? Umm...no. At 199.00 I wouldn't freak out basically caught my 6 year old daughter with it either.
Android. The Kindle Fire is running an Android operating system, meaning we can download apps in the Android App store.
Cloud Storage. The Amazon kindle fire will take benefit of the cloud storage program that Amazon is employing so you can store your books, music and films there without having to store around the tablet. Pretty cool.
Web Browsing. Fire users can browse the web by using Amazon Silk the very fast web browser incorporated with the product.
Color Touchscreen. The fireplace includes a vibrant color touchscreen by having an extra-wide viewing angle. The screen is smaller than a iPad, however at 7" its wide enough to enjoy movies, literature and much more.
Access to Amazon. 18 million movies, Television shows, songs, magazines and books. I think my wife will wear it out.
Internet Connectivity. Amazon kindle fire uses Wi-fi connectivity to access the net.

Drawbacks to the Amazon kindle fire? There isn't any camera or microphone like on most tablets. Consider we're going to upgrade our smartphones, I do not believe that will be a problem. Since the Fire is Wi-Fi only, user can only surf the net when you have a connection. But once again, since i have can't imagine Jen by using this in the car, and our home is on a wireless modem, so it's victory once again. Battery life is just 8 hrs, down from 10 hrs from the iPad.
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